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 Portland wedding locations have it definitely goin' for themselves. From downtown urbane to mountain-perched serenity, the wedding venues Portland offers--and found in www.PortlandWeddingLocations.com  are Events unto themselves. Along with their incredible Northwest settings, these wedding reception and ceremony locales proffer world-class amenities, food and entertainment to couples who visit from all over the planet to experience the imposing presence of Mt. Hood, or listen to the background  roar of the Columbia River as they celebrate their wedding.

These Portland wedding locations reflect the historic, diverse, and even positively quirky nature of this "Bridge City." Weddings take place in bowling alleys, atop Irish pubs, in an amusement park... Even an (inactive, so Science ordains...) volcano has been known to be home to Portland nuptials.

Portland Wedding Locations boasts the best of these, and offers even "Editor's Choice Reviews" when the editors have had on-site experience with the venue in their role as wedding photographers.