Beyond Oregon Coast Wedding Venues




Beyond Oregon Coast Wedding Venues



If, for reasons obscure, yet certainly up to you, the prospect of nuptials at one of the Oregon Coast wedding venues , set against the infinite splendor of the timeless Pacific Ocean does not quite mix with what you have in mind, there are many other options for enjoying still the visual magnificence which is Oregon. Most assuredly, in fact.

Moving inland somewhat and traveling down the Willamette Valley via the I-5 corridor, there are all sorts of interesting and suitable wedding locales. Beginning in Oregon's largest city, Portland Wedding Venues there are to be found some of the most diverse and stunning "I Do" spots in the country.

A short drive south the state capitol beckons. Salem Oregon Wedding Venues continue some of the essential architectural themes found throughout the Willamette Valley, but also include the loveliness of nearby Oregon Wine Country and the prospect of weddings amongst the vineyards on warm Summer evenings.

Then, there is Eugene. In and around Eugene wedding venues take on all sorts of configurations, from retreats out in the Mohawk Valley, to hotels near to the University of Oregon.