Manzanita Overlooks Information


Of all the wedding ceremony "spots" we're likely to feature in Oregon Coast Wedding Venues the unlikeliest yet simultaneously most awe-inspiring may well be the series of turn-outs from the Coast Highway in Oswald West State Park which we call, collectively, the Manzanita Overlooks. 

True, the extremely limited size of these viewpoints--to say nothing of the fact that what limited space they have is designed largely for vehicular traffic, often moving at a good pace--make a wedding ceremony here a dicey business at best. In all but one of the areas, a convocation of more than three people would be un-doable.

Still...as a spot to pledge Forever, the Manzanita Overlooks are without peer, particularly along the Oregon Coast. Away, away...from these falcon's views drops the land in a plummet to the sea. Waves mass and churn, and the sheer relentlessness of the world's largest ocean is presented in microcosm. Further out, those same waves parade to the Manzanita Beach, one spaced evenly arrear the other--the pulse of Big Water. a one of a kind locale for tose intent on a unique (and probably quick) wedding.


Oswald West State Park