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Once you've decided on which one of the locales featured in Oregon Coast Wedding Venues best fits your needs, the next wedding planner step is securing  a photographer or photographers. Oregon Coast camera wielders fall, generally into two categories. There are those who happen to live in this area, and there are those who are genuinely Oregon Coast wedding photographers--artists who possess a real feel for this incredible land and sea scape and its importance to you as a sort of Elemental factor of, and background to, your Day. The difference--and your choice--will be reflected in the "memory-quality" of your wedding images and should not be taken lightly.

When choosing a photographer, it's vital to look beyond the scenery into the expressions of all the participants at at the wedding. As all-important as are the bride and groom, there is a wealth of activity going on all around the venue. the best wedding photographers are ultra-aware of this and will collect a wide range of goings-on which might otherwise have passed unnoticed. Oregon Coast Wedding Venues is pleased to present photographers who do all of this and much more: 


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There is Magic in every wedding, and we've captured it in award-winning ways for years, at many Oregon Coast wedding venues. We even get the parts of the wedding you may be too busy to see for yourself that Day. 

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