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 Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Oregon Coast Photographers - Wedding couple kissing in sight of Haystack Rock at one of the Cannon Beach Oregon wedding venues.

 Welcome to our Oregon Coast Photographers web-home away from web-home, here on Oregon Coast Wedding Venues. To put it simply, we specialize in wedding photography, particularly when it's taken out here on one of the most spectacular scenic canvases to be found anywhere, in this country or any other. We are largely photo-journalistic styled shooters (as opposed to merely grabbing some "candids") and we have always been successful in providing couples with images which they will return to time and again. This means not just a couple of weeks after the Day, but years later as well.

And...at Oregon Coast Photographers, We capture Magic! "Magic" is a subjective term and somewhat elusive in definition, especially as concerns wedding photography. Still, most couples wish it for their Event, and hope for it in the ceremony and reception images. To capture it, however, the shooter must have a keen sense of wedding-related intuition. In other words, no matter how technically brilliant one may be behind a camera, your wedding photographer must know what's being sought after...must know the Magic when it's there to be had.

This Magic is found all over, including in how a couple's nuptial site will seem to merge with the Coast's shifting weather. In an hour, a sun-bejeweled beach might morph into a sort of Celtic-mysterious realm of mists and enthrallment. It is found in how a resort-housed reception might make an unanticipated flow onto a midnight beach, with a bonfire or maybe a sparkler or two beneath the stars. It is found in a look... It is indeed found in many places at many Oregon Coast weddings. But it is there

You just have to know where and when to look for it.

Which happens to be our speciality at Oregon Coast Photographers: identifying, then collecting all those disparate elements which are going on all over the wedding--not merely with the bride and groom--then amassing them all into a presentation of images which radiates as a thing greater than the sum of what is remembered by the participants. It takes an almost precognitive sense about weddings to carry it off properly, along with having a sense of the importance of the Whole Wedding (including the near-half you'll miss on that day) but...it's what we do.

Ah, but in the final analysis, it is our wedding photography from this matchless Oregon Coast which must speak most eloquently to you. Below are just a few samples and a link to our main page. Have a look. Be in touch.

At Oregon Coast Photographers, we'd love to work some of our Magic with yours.

Thank you.



Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Oregon Coast Photographers - Ceremony held beneath roiling sky on beach at one of the beautiful, matchless Seaside Oregon coast wedding venues.

Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Oregon Coast Photographers caught this moment of reflection in a reflection at one of the lovely Oregon Coast wedding locations.

Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Oregon Coast Photographers capture playful couple moments like thjis one at one of the Northern Oregon Coast wedding venues.

Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Oregon Coaast Photographers - Post-wedding ceremony laughter at majestic Ecola State Park.


Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Oregon Coast Photographers - Wedding couple staring into the sun glare on the beach of one of the seemingly limitless wedding venues on the Oregon Coast.