Oregon Coast Weather Information

Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Clouds and murkiness on the Coast. Your Oregon Coast Wedding venue should offer inside accommodations as well as a gorgeous vies. 


Weather along the Oregon Coast can manifest, sometimes from hour to hour, as an evolving Elemental personality all its own. This makes it an ideal partner to those Oregon Coast wedding venues sufficiently well positioned so as to reveal its true Power and character without sacrificing the comfort necessary for a successful (and possibly raucous) Wedding Day. It's true. Couples do not come to the Oregon Coast with their fingers crossed in hope of getting a particularly sunny day for their Day. Yes...sun in the region is pretty much always appreciated (and often a downright treat) but it is not the onlyPlayer in these parts. Even sunny days are often really "partly sunny with chances of..." and the end of that sentence may well include anything from winds to fog to a lashing rain which can drive seabirds miles inland for cover. 

But that's the whole idea of choosing an Oregon Coast wedding venue for one's Event: the weather is often such a large factor in the overall entertainment. There is an undeniable attraction to having such a primal force as a coastal storm as a backdrop--safely on the other side of a venue's giant window-walls, of course--to a couple's passionate "first kiss." The same goes for the natural intrigue of a bride and groom's sauntering forth for a mystical few minutes shrouded in a private oceanfront world of sea-fog.

Naturally, there are some considerations to take into account when factoring Oregon Coast weather into one's Wedding Day. Generally speaking, getting outdoors, onto the sand and maybe even a toe-dip in the almost invariably cold water, is part of the fun of weddings here. Even completely outdoor ceremonies and receptions can be pulled off on the coastal sands. But weddings which are at least partially inside are more the norm, if only because a couple needs an indoor back-up plan no matter what the day looks like in advance. Coast weather is finicky and uncertain, and many a meteorologist has been silently flamed by those who listen to weather reports and fail to understand one of the premier Oregon Coast weather maxims: Things Change.

Still, for getting the best take on what the day holds for your Day, the best bet is:




 Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Sunset on the Oregon Coast. Wedding locations should hope for this yet plan for fog or rain.