Other Wedding Ceremony Spots Information


There are many, many spots for saying "I do" along the Oregon Coast. Wedding venues, these spots generally are not--especially in the sense of possessing accommodations adequate to serve a large group of people, possibly in uncertain weather conditions, or after dark. Still, they remain incredible settings for one of life's ultimate Moments, even though some of them may fit within them few more than the wedding couple and an officiant.

So...at Oregon Coast Wedding Venues we think of the areas listed on this page as wedding spots only. By and large, and further information should be researched on their suitability to the logistics of your Day before deciding on utilizing them. In addition, these spots have been chosen for their scenic beauty, not their legal viability as actual marrying areas. Permits may be required for their usage.

Nonetheless, they are virtually unique in the country for presenting magnificent vistas, whale watching opportunities, or just listening to the bark of sea lions. A natural altar for making a most natural commitment.




Hypnotically wind-waving sea grasses, brief sand cliffs, and wide, wide beach expanses are the primary lures of this relatively undiscovered area just north of Seaside, Oregon in Gearhart Beach


There are at least half a dozen nuptial possibilities in breathtakingly scenic Ecola State Park, just above Cannon Beach, Oregon. Views abound of the Pacific, the Park, and the incredible stone "seastacks" which, in fog, almost seem to be ready to emerge from the sea and crawl inland. These include the area's famous "Haystack Rock," a popular visitor focus.

 Looking down from one of the Coast Highway turn-outs which constitute what we call the Manzanita Overlooks, in Oswald West State Park, is a veritably jaw-dropping experience. Here, the cliffs sweep away for a nearly limitless view above both the town of Manzanita Beach and the limitless ocean which edges it.