Southern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues


The Southern Oregon Coast Wedding Venues are distinct from their Northern and Central brethren as the three stretches of coastline themselves. The South Oregon Coast, beginning not far below rolling sand dunes of Florence, in Reedsport, presents a slightly less "beach town" image. Even more so than with the more northern sand dunes and rock formations, the Southern Oregon Coast is a trace more sprawling, but with no lessening of beauty. The gentler interface of Ocean and land allows for a little blurring of natural environments. Coast and forest can seem...almost one. Oregon Coast Wedding venues in this zone are to be found in hotels, B&B's and resorts, certainly. But there is a greater emphasis here on the coast itself as a venue, along with various luxuriant parks. Also, as the main Coast Highway (101) swings slightly inland as it cuts down the Southern Oregon Coast, wedding venues will be found as much along the area's abundant rivers and nestled in wooded parcels as they will be located oceanside. This does not necessarily preclude one's having an oceanfront wedding. Venues in this area often will travel to your coast wedding locale with their own amenities. Then, you may return to their more inland accommodations for further celebration. One should check with any of the specific South Oregon Coast wedding venues to see whether such services are available.




Oregon Coast Wedding Venues - Bandon Crossings wedding venue overlooking the beautiful golf couse

Bandon Crossings Golf Course weddings in beautiful Bandon Oregon. Guest house with expansive grounds that can can house the full bridal party and family.The  gorgeous golf course backdrop makes the utimate place to hold your wedding.

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 Lovely and affordable Capella by the Sea in Brookings, Oregon. The park setting counterpoints the sweeping chapel which boasts (quietly) an architectural lineage to Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Pleasant, tranquil environment, just minutes from major seaside attractions makes Comfort Inn-Coos Bay one of the more desirable South Oregon Coast wedding venues. Having 96 oversize guestrooms and flexible banquet facilities helps as well...

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Serenity is a cornerstone for any good wedding and serenity reigns at Tu Tu' Tun Lodge near Gold Beach, Oregon, on the banks of the Rogue River--a fabulous wedding venue mere minutes from the Oregon Coast.

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Plush and expansive--A cozy, special, historic venue for special weddings. Coos Bay Manor is an sensual reminder of a finer time.

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