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Salem -- SalemOregonWeddingVenues.com 

Salem wedding venues come in two rather distinct flavors. So you shall see at www.SalemOregonWeddingVenues.com. There is a continuation--on one hand--of the wedding location architecture which characterises much of the Willamette Valley. It ranges from rambling (and often historic) great houses, manors, estates, theaters, and gardens, to locales more glass 'n' steel and trendily manifested.

Just outside this State capitol, though is the world of world-respected Oregon Wine Country. Threading throughout this wonderland of rolling hills and arterial roadways is a network of vineyards which provide some of the prettiest spectacles one could hope to find in terms of soft, romantic views. To say nothing of their wonderful wine. Not all vineyards are Salem, Oregon wedding venues, but those which are will be found here.